About Us

  Father-son duo Kevin and Seth Daniel are not unfamiliar with farming. Born and raised on a family farm, Kevin grew up raising cattle, pigs, goats, chickens and crops. Like most families living in the south at the time, growing and raising your own food was a normal way of life. But over time, small scale farming became less profitable and for many folks, raising your own food became a thing of the past. It was just too easy and cheaper to buy it at the store. 


We began a beef stocker operation in 2011 after having a desire to return to farming and raising livestock. While the stocker business was very rewarding, we became more aware of the harmful effects of the current american food system. We wanted to raise our own food and move away from the commodity side of farming. We began by raising some heritage breed pigs for ourselves and a few for friends and family. We then raised our first grass finished beef, and later added chickens and sheep.


We truly enjoy raising animals in a way that they can express their unique abilties to do what God created them to do, while preserving and regenerating the environment for generations to come.